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Uwell Amulet Replacement Pod Cartridge 2ml 2PCs

Uwell Amulet Replacement Pod Cartridge 2ml 2PCs
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Uwell Amulet Replacement Pod Cartridge 2ml 2PCs
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Uwell Amulet Replacement Pod Cartridge 2ml

Uwell Amulet replacement pod cartridge is applicable to?Uwell Amulet vape pod system, restoring a refreshing vaping experience. There are 2 pieces in a pack.

Quick Links: Uwell Amulet Vape Pod System

Main Features:
1.?2ml capacity, easy to change flavors you prefer
2. Bottom filling system with a cap, leakproof and secure?
3. Vertical bottom-to-top airflow design, effective to retain the original flavor and enhance the throat hit

Model: Amulet
Material: PC
Resistance: 1.6ohm
Capacity: 2ml
Connection: Electrode
Product Size:?4.77 x 3.35 x 1.72cm
Package Size:?8 x?5 x 3.5cm
Product Weight: 0.05kg
Package Weight: 0.1kg

Package Contents:
2?x Amulet Pod

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